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Garage Door Replacement

At what point should you replace your garage door?

Garage Door Replacement - old-garage-door-300x253For some customers, replacement is necessary due to updated federal law requiring certain safety mechanisms in all garage openers. The older a garage door system is, the more likely it is lacking in safety features. Some of the oldest systems have remotes the size of shoe boxes!

Here are a few more factors to consider when replacing a garage door opener:

Noise Control

An older opener can be loud and annoying to neighbors and your own peace of mind.


Older doors were opened by a single, specified code, which made them easy to crack. Newer doors change the code with every use.

No Keys

Older doors lack a mounted keypad that lets you in even when you don’t have your keys handy.

Battery Backup

A battery backup system that you can get with new doors allows you to open them even when the power is out.

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