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Tips For Maintaining Your Garage Door

A garage door is the heaviest moving object in your home. It makes sense to maintain it! While we offer garage door preventative maintenance services for times when you think something is truly wrong, here are 3 tips that you can do on your own time to make sure your garage door operates smoothly:

Lubricating Tracks

A small amount of silicone spray can go a long way in preventing equipment breakdown. By keeping the tracks lubed to the right level, you can avoid costly malfunctions that lead to expensive repairs.

Testing In Manual Mode

To test your garage door in manual mode, first disconnect the opener, with either the release cord or lever. After doing this, the door should be easy to lift. If it’s heavy or doesn’t want to lift, that usually indicates an issue with the tension of the springs and means you should call in a professional. Do NOT attempt to adjust the spring on your own, as they are under high tension. Removing or adjusting unfamiliar hardware is an easy way to get hurt.

Lubricating Door Seals

In cold weather climes the rubber door seals on the bottom of the garage door can stick to the ground. You can prevent this problem by rubbing a small amount of petroleum jelly across the entire door seal surface. It’s an easy way to prevent straining on the motor because of ice issues.

Keep these tips in mind when checking your garage door for issues, and you’ll get many years of good use out of them! If you do run into an issue that you can’t diagnose yourself, call the qualified staff at Garage Door Specialists, we’re happy to help!

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