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A properly functioning garage door serves many functions, from serving as a key entry point to your home adding a layer of security against break-ins to adding curb appeal. Your garage door must be functioning efficiently and reliably. If the safety sensors are broken, the door could shut on a vehicle or child. If the exterior keypad is not working, you could be locked out.

We recommend regularly scheduled maintenance consultations with a garage door expert at Garage Door Specialist of Raleigh. Just like other investments, your garage doors require care to perform their best!

4 Garage Door Maintenance Tips You Can Do Yourself

A regularly scheduled maintenance appointment can save your money long-term by uncovering small issues before they become costly. You can begin this process yourself by completing these four steps:

1. Perform a Safety Reversal Test:

Your garage door should stop and reverse to avoid any obstruction in its downward path. This means it should only apply minimal pressure to an object blocking its motion. To test this, place a 2×4 on the floor near the center of your garage door’s closing plane and close the garage door. It should stop once it reaches the 2×4 and retract upward. If it stops, your garage door has passed the safety reversal test. If it does not, contact Garage Door Specialist today!

2. Ensure your garage door opener is compliant with federal law:

Any garage door openers manufactured after January 1, 1993, are compliant with federal law under UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Standard 325. This standard requires all garage doors to contain infrared safety sensors. Unfortunately, most garage companies have stopped selling replacement parts for openers made before January of 1993. We advise against spending money to repair an old sensor and recommend contacting Garage Door Specialist to ask about our garage door opener selection.

3. Inspect your garage door:

It’s pretty easy to assess the immediate condition of your garage door, but it’s important to look closely to inspect the hardware, including the springs, cables, rollers, pulleys, and other hardware for signs of wear and tear. If you do suspect damage or deterioration of any part of your garage door, contact Garage Door Specialist today. These pieces hold tension, so let one of our experts assist you.

Click here to see a diagram of everything that may need inspecting.

4. Conduct a Balance Test:

It is important to keep your garage door in balance and well-adjusted. To determine the balance of your door, close it and use the release mechanism on your garage door opener to allow you to manually move the door by hand. You should encounter smooth movement with little resistance when you move the door upward. It should rest stagnant at 3 to 4 feet off the floor. If it does not, it is out of balance and should be adjusted by a professional. To have your garage door inspected or adjusted, contact Garage Door Specialist.

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At Garage Door Specialist, we can also provide repair and installation services. If we discover any issues during your maintenance appointment, we can repair them. Or if we think it will be cheaper to install a new door, we’ll help you through the installation process.

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