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Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs - broken-spring-replacement-300x169Most times the manufacturer offers torsion springs with a 10,000 life cycle. The life cycle is measured when the door goes up and down one time this equals 1 cycle. For the average homeowner this is usually a 7-10 year life span. We typically use 20,000 cycle springs and we can have springs made to last up to 50,000 cycles. One of the most common problems with garage doors are broken torsion springs. Here at Garage Door Specialist we are experts in replacing these springs. We service Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, and all surrounding areas.

Torsion springs on average last about 7-10 years. We keep these springs for most doors on our trucks and offer a ten year warranty on the springs if you replace them both at the same time. We always suggest replacing both springs at the same time once one breaks the other is generally not far behind behind. Most times a few days or weeks this will avoid having to pay additional labor charges to return and replace the other spring. It is also easier properly balance a door when you have two evenly matched springs.

A problem does arise if your cars are in the garage and the torsion spring breaks. The door will not open if a spring breaks. It is best to call us (919-388-9320), a licensed and insured company to do this repair. We do not sell torsion springs to the public for Liability reasons. A replacement should only be done by a garage door repair company.

Do not try to continually open the garage door with a broken spring. It can damage the motor trying to over work to lift the door. It is also dangerous as the door could come off track and will not stay up once you do manage to get the door open. Do not try to remove any brackets on the door thinking this will help free up a heavy door with a broken spring. Brackets are still under an extreme amount of tension even if only one spring is broken. It can help to lubricate the springs periodically to keep them from binding and popping but it does not help them last any longer.

We are happy to answer your questions or provide a free onsite estimate for spring replacement. Call us today at 919-388-9320 for more information go to

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