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6 Easy Ways To Secure Your Garage (And Home!)


As a homeowner, you probably know how to be safe around your garage door. You’ve taken precautions when it comes to operating and maintaining your garage door. You know how to avoid and prevent accidents while operating it. But, what about your security, both with the garage door and your attached garage? At Garage Door Specialist, we want you feel secure in your home, and we offer these tips to help make sure your home isn’t ripe for the picking:

Tips For Securing Your Home

  1. The interior door between your home and garage should be every bit as strong as your front door. You should install a solid-core wood or reinforced steel door to create an extra layer of security between your garage and the valuables in your interior home.
  2. Be sure to install a deadbolt on your interior garage door. While it may be inconvenient to take the extra time to lock and unlock this door, it’s tiny compared to the headache that comes from a theft.
  3. Always remember to close the garage door. Leaving your door open is just inviting others to have a look and case what they’d like to take. Regardless of how safe you think your neighborhood is, affluent areas are often the first ones targeted – especially when it is so easily accessible through an open garage door!
  4. If your garage door has windows, consider using frosting spray or a cover. Just like with an open garage door, criminals who can see what’s inside may be more tempted to break in.
  5. Install spotlighting around your garage. Motion-activated spotlights are inexpensive and can make it much harder for thieves to slink around this entrance to your home.
  6. Don’t leave your keys in the car. This is a widespread problem among homeowners, and if a burglar gains access into the garage they can take your car as well, in addition to your home and anything else on the keyring. Keep your keys inside your reinforced home!

None of the above tips are overly expensive or difficult to do. A little preparation can go a long way in helping keep your possessions and loved ones safe. And, if you have any more questions or concerns about securing your garage door, give us a call anytime for an in-person consultation!

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