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Garage Door Security and Safety

Garage Door Specialist is always happy to answer any security or safety questions you may have. Just give us a call at (919) 841-0030. Your security and safety is always our top priority. June is safety month, a great time to remind homeowners of how to keep your garage door safe and secure.

Our top safety tips to help with security of the garage door are:

    • The lock button on the garage door wall button is a feature that can be used while you are not home or on vacation to lock out the remotes or transmitters from your car. Just hold the lock button for three seconds to lock or unlock this function.
    • If you have a keyless entry change your keyless entry code often. If you regularly give out the code to family, friends, kids, or people working on your home, it is a good idea to change the code at least once a year to help keep the garage secure.
  • Garage Door Security and Safety - smart-garage-door-opener-300x300Go wireless! The Liftmaster 85503 not only offers a backup battery, in the event of a power outage you can still use the garage door opener to open and close the door. It also offers a wireless feature that can be accessed by any mobile device to see if the garage door is open or closed and can be operated from the mobile device.
  • Always make sure the safety release of the garage door is safe and functioning as it should. It should be long enough for the homeowner to reach to disengage. One should become familiarized with engaging and disengaging the motor for an emergency.
  • A garage door should also be properly balanced incase you do have to open it by hand, it should easily lift and roll up the tracks.
  • Always open the garage door before starting your vehicle, to prevent harmful gas exposure.
  • Never operate the garage door with broken hardware. If a spring or cables are broken on the door, it will not function. It is a good idea to not try to open the garage door, not only is it unsafe it can burn up the garage door motor from it over working from trying to lift the garage door.

We offer free onsite estimates to address and security or safety concerns.

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