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JUNE: Garage Door Safety Month

The month of June is national Garage Door Safety month.

The safety of the garage door may have never crossed your mind. Here at Garage Door Specialist it is at the forefront of our minds daily. It is our job to keep it safe and functioning for your days to run smoothly. We want to help keep you informed and your family members safe!

JUNE: Garage Door Safety Month - Resized_20180604_091432_6365-300x169Did you know that on average you open your garage door about 1500 times a year. That comes to about 4.1 times a day. As the main entry to most homes it is vital to make family members aware of how to avoid injury when opening and closing the largest moving part in your home.

The following are the most common garage door injuries we see and how to avoid them.

The most common injury, finger’s being pinched in between the sections. Please make sure kids and pets stay back from the garage door as it closes. Fingers can become pinched in between the sections as the door closes. Also, hands should be kept away from the tracks as the rollers slide up and down. A pinch may not seem like a huge deal unless you consider the heavy weight of the garage door and its components.

JUNE: Garage Door Safety Month - Resized_20180604_091345_7321-300x169Homeowners trying to run under the door before it closes. Most people have been guilty of this. It can result in injury and should not be attempted. The eye beams even further complicate this maneuver because you have to step over them before the door closes. Never a good idea to exit in a hurry, falls are the most common injury from this. It is good to led by example and close the garage door properly.

Statistically over 2,000 people a year have there garage door fall on them. Typically this is an unexpected injury from trying to repair the garage door yourself. We highly recommend that when it comes to the springs, cables, and drums you let us handle the repair. The garage door weighs hundreds of pounds and has a great deal of force engineered into it. The springs are another cause of injury and unfortunately we hear way to often of people who have tried to take the tension of the springs only to find out too late the dangers of doing so. Quite frankly it’s just not worth the risk.

The best idea is to have a yearly safety inspection. Often we can detect many issues that can arise before they happen. Is the door reversing properly, is it balanced, are the cables fraying, does it often come off track? All of these issues can be repaired and doing so can help to keep your garage.

Please give us a call (919) 841-0030 if you have any safety concerns. We provide free onsite estimates, and also offer safety inspections, and tune ups that are included in all service calls.

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