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Inside the Garage … A Before and After

You usually see a before and after of a new Garage Door but this time we would like to show you the difference and space a high lift update and a side mount motor can add to your garage.

Inside the Garage ... A Before and After - before-high-lift-side-mount-300x225


This project was completed in Garner, NC. Garner is a growing city and with the addition of Amazon coming to town will only be getting bigger. An up date of your garage is a wise investment in your homes value.

The before picture is a standard installation with the typical radius tracks and a standard motor. The door was a raised panel garage door with a sunburst design.

The after picture shows a new steel back garage door CHI Model 2216 with a heavy duty  polyurethane insulated core. The door has a very high R value of 17.19. The garage door has high lift tracks that bring the garage door closer to the ceiling. People lift the door higher to help with storage space, and some customers 

Inside the Garage ... A Before and After - steel-back-highlift-after-300x225


who have car lifts in their garage have this installed as well. The Liftmaster dc battery back up side mount garage door motor is installed on the right of the picture. This motor is virtually silent when opening and closing the garage. The motor is heavy duty on this operator. It also works during power outages because of the battery back up. The functionality becomes something you can’t imagine life without.

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