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Best Garage Doors For Home Gyms

Garage gyms are popular, and for good reason. The garage is a great workout space since you’ll always have fresh air and plenty of room. The convenience factor also makes it a lot more likely that you’ll stick with a workout routine. 

As garage experts, here are our top four tips to turn your garage into a great workout space or gym. 

1. Free Up Overhead Space 

Best Garage Doors For Home Gyms - garage-door-with-overhead-space

Whether you need extra overhead space for equipment or because you plan on doing a lot of jumping, there are some alterations you can make to your garage door to get that extra space.

One adjustment is adding a highlight, which is an additional track that allows the door to go higher and closer to the ceiling. There is also an option to move the garage door opener from the center of the garage ceiling to the side of the garage door.This is called a side mount jackshaft operator and is mounted to the torsion tube.

2. Let The Light In 

Best Garage Doors For Home Gyms - full-glass-view-garage-doors

If you’re a fan of natural light, choosing a garage door with windows is a great way to let sunlight in. We have a wide range of garage door styles to choose from. A full-view garage door brings in maximum sunlight, while windows across the top or down the side will still let in light and allows for some privacy.

3. Change Your Scenery

Best Garage Doors For Home Gyms - beach-background-in-garage

You’re working out in your garage, but you don’t have to look at your garage. CHI offers a garage door that has screen printing on the inside. Get inspired and transport yourself with a nice beach view!

4. Regulate Your Garage’s Temperature

Best Garage Doors For Home Gyms - garage-door-insulation

Insulated garage doors are a great way to keep the temperature in your garage more consistent, leading to more comfortable workouts (and lower energy bills). There are a few options when it comes to insulated garage doors. A vinyl backing or polystyrene insulation will provide low to medium insulation, while polyurethane provides the most.

Let Us Help You Create a Home Gym

A garage gym is a convenient way to have your own workout space, but it also presents an opportunity to update the garage. Both will help improve the appearance of your home and make it a place you can’t wait to return to. 

Need help with the conversion or installation? Give us a call at 919-841-0030. You can also get in touch online or stop by our showroom near Briar Creek in Raleigh where options can be seen in person.

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