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Identifying the Liftmaster 98022

The Liftmaster 98022 is Liftmaster’s newest residential jackshaft operator.

The Jackshaft opener has a modern design and smooth quick operation on even the heaviest and tallest of garage doors. It is virtually silent and does not vibrate when in use. It is a direct drive and does not use any belts or chains. The 98022 utilizes a DC motor allowing slow start and stop features which really offers a nice smooth soft touch when touching the floor compared to the older AC motors that have been used over the years.

Liftmaster 98022’s Unique Installation

Identifying the Liftmaster 98022 - Side-mount-close-up

A jackshaft operator is mounted to the torsion tube on either side and rotates the tube to open and close the garage door. Liftmaster first introduced the residential jackshaft operator in 2006.

It became popular due to the fact it could free up overhead space in the consumers garage so they could have more room for car lifts, golf simulators and storage. The jackshaft operator can also be ideal for people with low head room or obstructed ceilings.

Liftmaster 98022 Features

Identifying the Liftmaster 98022 - 98022-RJO-w-accessories-1200x1200-1

There are several nice features on this opener, the main one is the integrated Wi-fi that allows you to open and close your door from anywhere there is an internet connection. You can also see when and who opened the door and at what time. The 98022 also comes with an extremely bright LED light fixture that comes on when you open and close the door or if you wish you can turn it on from the multi function deluxe LED display wall console.

Identifying the Liftmaster 98022 - side-mount-low-headroom-application
side mount low headroom application
Identifying the Liftmaster 98022 - Side-mount-with-glass-door
Side mount with glass door

Another nice feature is the internal battery backup which will allow you to open and close the door up to about 6 times without power. This comes in handy during storms and power outages allowing you to open the door without having to pull the release and lift it manually. It also comes with an electric deadbolt lock for added security to prevent the door from being opened from the outside.

Does the Liftmaster 98022 Need an Outlet?

One common question is do you need to have a new electrical outlet run for this opener? Yes, you will need a new outlet unless the cord can reach the outlet on the side you decide to mount it on. We usually suggest having a licensed electrician come in after installation and add the outlet in the best spot.

Contact Garage Door Specialist for Liftmaster 98022 Installation

Garage Door Specialist is your expert for the installation of the Liftmaster Jackshaft 98022 operator. We have installed thousands over the years. Give us a call at (919) 841-0030 or stop by to discuss all of the features. We would be happy to answer any of your questions to help determine if this operator is a solution for your garage door.

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