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Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

When the spring breaks on your garage door it is never convenient. Once the spring breaks the garage door cannot open. The spring breaking releases the tension and the full weight it typically holds back into the garage door. This can be a major problem if your car is stuck in the garage and you or your family members have somewhere to go. We understand that a quick and timely repair of a torsion spring is very important. We strive to meet the homeowners needs and have it repaired quickly and at a time that works for your schedule.

We offer high cycle torsion springs that have a ten year warranty. This video in Carrboro, NC shows our technician explaining why our springs last longer then the manufacturer’s springs. It is important that springs are always installed by a professional garage door repair person. It is also important to have the proper springs on your garage door. A properly balanced garage door prolongs the life of a garage door motor.

We are happy to take a look at your garage door and make sure it is properly balanced. If the spring has broken give us a call, for an a timely and affordable repair.

We service the entire Raleigh – Durham area as well as Wilmington and the coast.

Give us a call anytime at 919-388-9320.

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