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Garage Door Recycling

Ever what wonder what happens to your old garage door after it is replaced?

Yeah, we kind of figured you didn’t! For those that are interested here is how it works for us at Garage Door Specialist of Raleigh.

The metal doors and hardware are loaded onto our trailer and once a month we take them to the metal recyclers. We do get paid for this a few cents on the pound. It actually helps us offset the cost of the older wooden doors that we pay to have taken to the landfill. We feel this is a great way to cut down on removal and hauling away charges to our customers. The facility we take the metal to is pretty amazing they have a machine that can take a car in and actually chop and sort the different types of metal as it comes out the other side.

Garage doors have also become quite popular in reusing as other items. We have seen complete buildings sided with garage doors, headboards made from panels, and a small greenhouse made from old glass sections. Here are a few examples.

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