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3 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Garage Door

The New Year is upon us already, and with it comes the many resolutions we set for ourselves. New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be limited to goals like eating right and exercising, they can encompass all aspects of life. Since your home and, subsequently, your garage door are important parts of your everyday life it may be beneficial to create resolutions that pertain to them.

Maintaining your garage door is important year-round, but it can be easy to let it fall to the wayside when your everyday routine becomes busy. So what better time to turn over a new leaf than the New Year? Whether you have been putting off a routine maintenance test or have been saving up to replace your door entirely, setting a New Year’s Resolution for your garage door can help you meet those goals you may have been putting aside. Here at Garage Door Specialists we have a few resolutions you can set to kick off the new year.

Perform a Routine Maintenance Check

Taking preventative measures in maintaining your garage door may prevent you from having to replace it in the near future. We suggest performing a routine maintenance check at least twice a year, and getting it done first thing in the new year will ensure you discover anything that may need to be fixed early in 2014. Most of these steps can be taken on your own to ensure that your garage door is safe and functions properly. A few of the things you want to check during your routine maintenance check are your door’s safety reversal, the garage door opener, a visual check of all hardware, and the balance of your door. Additionally, it is important to lubricate all moving parts of your door to guarantee smooth operation. Allow us to be your guide during this process by visiting our preventative maintenance page, which will explain how to perform each of these checks.

While many of these can be tested on your own, it is always a good idea to have your door checked by a professional. Should you need professional assistance, contact Garage Door Specialists and we will test your garage door’s performance for you.

Refresh Your Garage Door

Are you looking for a fresh new update to your garage door, but aren’t quite ready to replace it yet? Set a New Year’s Resolution to give your garage door the update it deserves. Resolve to clean it, repair any cracks, give it a new paint job, or all of the above. The appearance of your garage door is a big piece of the overall aesthetics of your home, and keeping it fresh and clean will ensure that it looks just as nice as the rest of your house.

Replace Your Garage Door

If your garage door is outdated, and you have been saving up to replace it, the New Year is a great time to do it! It is important to have an up-to-date door that meets all guidelines, and functions properly, for maximum safety. Replacing your garage door can be a big task, but resolving to have it done early in the year means you can enjoy your new door for the rest of 2014! Not to mention, having it ready in time for spring and summer may help you better keep the heat out, and the cool in.

Whether your garage door resolutions are big or small, taking steps toward maintaining your garage is a great goal! Should you find you need any assistance in meeting your New Year’s Resolutions, contact the experts at Garage Door Specialists to learn the many ways we can help you. Happy New Year!

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