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What Every Homeowner Should Know About Their Garage Door in the Winter

Winter is the hardest season on garage doors. We want to inform you of things homeowners should know to help make sure all entries and exits from the garage door are safe, and reliable.

Being aware of these simple items should make life easier, during this cold season.

1. Know Where The Emergency Release Is

The most imperative item is to know where and how to use your emergency release or have a battery backup garage door opener installed. We cannot state how important it is to know how to use the emergency release cord. In case of an emergency when the garage will not open due to loss of power a quick exit from the garage door will require familiarity with the emergency release. Homeowners should make sure that they know how to engage and reangage the operator. We have a video that demonstrates this here with the most common brand in the industry.

2. Check The Emergency Release Cord

Sometimes when an operator is 10-15 years old the emergency release cord does weaken. You do not want to have an emergency and try to pull the cord and it breaks off in your hand. It is good to check a few times a year to make sure it is properly attached and in good condition.

You also want to check to make sure that the emergency release cord that it is the proper height for your family to reach, but clears car racks and won’t get caught in the passenger doors. If all of that sounds like too much trouble, a Liftmaster operator with battery backup is a great updated option for you. A battery backup operator will work up to 10 full opens and close at a minimum. Once the power comes back on the battery regenerates. This will make the garage door accessible at times.

3. Listen For Things Not Running Properly

Any time of the year this is true, but particularly in the winter you’ll want to listen for noises and signs of things not running as normal. This is because winter is when things tend to break more often on the garage door. Any noise, strain, or decrease of speed can be a sign that the garage door needs service or repair. These days it is a good idea to get ahead of garage door repair and installation as the supply chain is taking longer and having more back orders than ever in history. Being aware of signs of trouble or if you notice something seems off, give us a call. We offer free onsite estimates and are always available to go over your garage door to make sure it is functioning properly and that obvious issues are taken care of before they become problems.

4. Make Sure The Door Doesn’t Get Frozen

In an ice storm or snowfall garage doors can freeze to the ground. The garage door can be damaged if it is opened while frozen to the ground. If it has snowed in your area and the garage door is not opening, dont try and force it. First check that it is not frozen shut. If it is warm water can be poured on the exterior to unfreeze and then the garage door will open like normal. If forced it can damage the bottom section, retainer or bottom rubber. It can also damage the operator and break the gear while it is working so hard to open.

We are available any time to answer any questions you have about your garage door (919) 841-0030. We want to help your winter and holiday season go smoothly in Raleigh – Durham and Wilmington. We also have a showroom in Raleigh, NC off of Chapel Hill Road by the Fairgrounds if you would like to stop by and discuss items in person. We are right by the large Raleigh water tower.

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