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Improve Safety with the Liftmaster Garage Door Operator Timer to Close

Homes in Raleigh, Durham and surrounding areas are now safer thanks to the invention of timer to close by Liftmaster. Do you come in through the garage door and grab all of your things or groceries and do not have a hand to shut the garage door? Kids are often a common culprit of leaving the garage door open too. The good news is it can now be programmed to shut on its own. One of the best new features of Liftmaster garage door operators is the timer to close. Do not worry about shutting your garage door. Set the operator to close when you want it to.

Improve Safety with the Liftmaster Garage Door Operator Timer to Close - IMG_46321-225x300

LiftMaster Operator with Timer to Close

This feature is available on select models such as the Liftmaster 8550w, and 8550WLED as well as side mount motor 8500W. The feature is called the MyQ schedule. It can also be programmed to turn the operator light on or off at certain intervals.

Many people accidentally leave the garage door open unintentionally for many reasons, this feature takes the worry out leaving the door to your home open. A timer can be set to close the garage door in 1, 5, or 10 minutes, as well as a custom time frame. The operator does alert you before it closes and flashes and beeps to give you ample time to stop it from closing if needed.

Don’t leave the door of your house wide open! Protect your valuables, and loved ones by installing an operator that has a timer to close the garage door. Or if you already have a current operator that has a timer to close feature give us a call and we will help you program it over the phone or program it onsite for you and service the garage door as well.

Never hesitate to give us a call. We are family owned and operated as your neighbor in Raleigh – Durham we are here for you! Also, we are always happy to meet with you and provide free onsite estimates to address any garage door concern.

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