Did you know that there is an entire month dedicated to practicing garage door safety? As your Raleigh Garage Door Specialist, we make it a priority to always keep you informed about new garage door products, garage door news and garage door safety tips.

June is National Garage Door Safety Month and garage door companies across the United States are encouraging homeowners to take extra precaution and measures to ensure that their garage door is safe this month.

Why Is Garage Door Safety Important?

More often than not, garage doors are the largest moving objects in your home. Garage doors also work hard — often opening three, four or more times in a day. Just like you get tired after a long day of work, over time garage doors begin to wear down, and if they are not maintained correctly they may begin to malfunction, posing a risk to home residents — adult and children.

At Garage Door Specialist we encourage our Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill customers to take measures this month to ensure that your garage door is safe, secure and well-maintained. We have gathered a few tips to follow for National Garage Door Safety Month, below:

Garage Door Safety Tips

  • Complete a Safety Reversal Test to ensure that your door stops and reverses upon meeting an obstruction. To complete the test, place an object such as a large toy, or a 2×4 on its side, on the floor of your garage, near the center of your door. With a remote or wall mount control close the door, as normal. When the garage door reaches whatever object you have chosen to use for the test, ensure that it immediately reverses and goes back up. If not, the door should be repaired or replaced, in order to protect your car or, more important, children from being hurt from the door.
  • Replace any old springs. Springs work hard to keep your garage door functioning, and just like any part, the springs begin to wear down over time. Have a professional inspect your springs, and replace any that are looking worn down or broken, in order to keep your garage door safe and efficient.
  • Consult your owners manual. It’s never a bad idea to refresh yourself on how to operate your garage door. In the manual you will also find how to operate the emergency release feature in case of an emergency.
  • Make a preventative maintenance checklist, and then go through it. You may use the Garage Door Specialist guide here, or hire a professional from our team to come out and take a look at your door for maximum assurance.
  • Educate the children in your home about the garage door. Children are sometimes oblivious to the dangers that household objects, particularly ones as large as garage doors, can pose to them. Make sure to educate your children about the importance of practicing safety around the garage door, do not let them play with garage door opener remotes and explain to them the dangers of placing fingers between door sections.

Are you ready to practice garage door safety in your Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill home this month? Call on the experts at Garage Door Specialist in Raleigh today to have a member of our team come out and perform preventative maintenance on your garage door, or feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We are proud to serve you!