garagedoor3We’ve all been there, right? That moment when you pull into your driveway, reach for your garage door opener, press the button and nothing happens. What do we usually do? We sit there for several minutes and keep trying to push the button that we already know doesn’t work. Finally, when we’ve given in, we get out of the car and lift the door manually, irritated by that point that we ever had to get out of the car in the first place.

The next time something goes wrong with your garage door, before you panic or get angry, try troubleshooting and work to solve the problem so you can prevent it from happening again in the future. To help you out, here are 4 of the most common garage door problems and how you can solve them in no time at all.

The Car Remote Won’t Work

In that awful instance where your car remote door opener doesn’t work, double check the life of the batteries in the remote. There’s usually an LED light display that will either alert you of the battery life or help you diagnose another problem with the remote, but always check the batteries first. The solution could be as simple as putting in a fresh pair of batteries. If that doesn’t help, consult your owners manual. Usually issues that arise with just the car remote are the quickest and easiest to fix. In a worst case scenario, you may just have to reprogram your remote to signal correctly to the motor.


The Wall Button Brings the Door Back Up

Once you’ve gotten into your garage, if you go to hit the wall button to close the door and all it does is come back up, you likely have a problem with the safety sensor on your garage door. Double check the LED lights on the sensors by your door to make sure they are all on and working, and are properly aligned. If the alignment is off, you should be able to correct it yourself. If you adjust the sensors and are still having an issue with the door not shutting from the wall button, either consult your owners manual or call a professional, as it could potentially be an issue with the circuit board.

The Door Sticks on Its Way Down

If your door opens and closes properly, but sticks a bit on the way up or down, you are probably facing one or more worn pulleys. Typically, most garage doors have a total of 4 pulleys on them, and when a few are worn out, it can cause major operational issues with the door itself. The good news is that if you’re at all handy, you can probably replace the pulleys yourself. If not, you’ll want to call in your service professionals to help out with the job.

garagedoor2The Door Goes Up Halfway, Then Closes

This can be a major safety issue if you run into it, as your garage door may go up a good 6 or 8 inches, but then shut itself back down immediately. The chances are that if you run into this problem, you may have a broken spring in your garage door. This is not a problem you want to try to correct yourself due to the potential safety hazards, so contact a professional immediately. For most pros, this is typically a quick fix, and they should be able to visit your home and get you all fixed within a day or two.

If you’re in the Raleigh, NC area and you run into any issues with your garage door and you’re not quite sure how to solve them, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at Garage Door Specialist. We can fix your door for you so you never have to deal with the hassles of your automatic garage door not working properly!